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Participating NGOs

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Vanita Jyothi Mahila Sangham

 Vanita Jyothi is committed to   develop of women by ensuring   them to have equal rights  in the   society. We believe in the dignity of   people and their capacity to   overcome their problems. We work   with the poorest and the most   vulnerable in their struggle against   poverty, suffering, and injustice.We   have learned that entire societies   develop when girls and women are   enabled to be fully contributing   community members.

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 Youth for Seva (YFS)

 Youth for Seva (YFS), founded in   April 2007, is a nation-wide   volunteering movement that   inspires youth to volunteer, and   provides them with meaningful   opportunities to serve the   community.

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Ashritha Voluntary Organization

 Ashritha Voluntary Organization   charity is   working on key Issues of   Agriculture, Children, Education &      Literacy, HIV/AIDS, Rural                 

  Development & Poverty Alleviation,    Vocational Training, Women's         

  Development & Empowerment .

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 Swayamkrushi, a voluntary     organization located in   Secunderabad, Telangana , is   dedicated to the rehabilitation and   integration of girls with   developmental disabilities.

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Abhaya NGO

Abhaya provides help to people without prejudice to caste, creed, sex, race or religion or economic status. Major emphasis on educating to empower women to earn a decent income through vocational skills. Legal aid and counseling for abused women through identifying benevolent sponsors, establishing a safe transit shelter for exploited girls.

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Kaam4U Foundation

We are an NGO who work towards upliftment, creating awareness and providing help to women and children.
We believe that building and spreading awareness is the first step towards empowerment and hence it is our key focus area.

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